A sweet story

 When grandmother Panagiota came to Thessaloniki from Tenedos, she had a sweet secret! She knew the recipe for the most delicious cookies in the neighbourhood! Whenever she baked cookies, smelled really nice. So, she started baking for everyone!

And that's how the family was involved in food service!

The first store opened in 1948 in the centre of Thessaloniki and the cookies of grandmother Panagiota Dimou were in high demand.  


In 1991, the granddaughter Panagiota Dimou opened in the centre of the city a new store and factory of fragrant and crispy biscuits. For the third generation, the tradition of sweet taste continues. At that time, the company Bouchées was founded and mini-biscuits and petit fours were launched. In 1995, the confectionery workshop was relocated to the privately owned premises in Sykies and in 1999 the retail store was also located there. In 2002, the factory was fully modernized and relocated to the Industrial Area of Thessaloniki.

But the secret of grandmother Panagiota is still well hidden in a sweet mini Bouchées bite!  

Find it!

A sweet philosophy

The company Dimou Panagiota & CO. was founded in 1991. With its confectionery products, the company aims to maintain sweet relationships with everyone! Consumers, traders, and staff! By maintaining high quality of raw materials, products and people, by displaying professionalism, consistency, excellent service and laying emphasis on exceptional prices.

All the above led to the company's fast growth!


Today, Bouchées products, thanks to a well-organized network of representatives-dealers, can be found throughout Greece! For over 5 years, Bouchées products have been travelling to Europe and the Middle East!

The company, thanks to its pioneering spirit, new products and pioneering ideas, has already been included in the 3rd Community Support Framework, providing the business with technological support for the production of innovative products!


logo whiteDimou Panagiota & CO.
Confectionery Factory

Industrial Area of Thessaloniki, Α10/2,
P.C. 570 22, Sindos, Thessaloniki

Phone: 2310 796511 - Fax: 2310 569610

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